Upgrading from cubase Studio 4 to cubase 5

I’m running cubase Studio 4 for almost 7 years now with a Yamaha N8. I ’m also still running an old OSX version (10.5.8). I know all of this sounds a little prehistorical but I’m pretty happy with this whole config.
I’m planing on upgrading to a second hand version of cubase 5 (mainly for it’s batch exportation capability and because it’s able to run under osx leopard. I’ve a really inexpensive offer for a second hand cubase 5.
I will make a complete upgrade of my system (including C8) once i will have finish the project i’m working on at the moment. So that s a temporary upgrade.

So, I d be very happy if someone could explain me how such an upgrade should be done.

  • asking the seller to transfer his licence to me?
  • Removing my actual version of cubase Studio 4?
  • Just installing cubase 5 and opening my old projects thru it?
  • Would i have to reloc all my plugins and VSTIs?
  • Or would it be done automaticly?

    Sorry for so many questions.
    Thanks for your help.