Upgrading from Cubase Studio 5

Hi there,
I am taking the opportunity of upgrading my old Cubase Studio 5 license (ancient, i know) to Cubase Pro 10 using the upgrade pathway. Whilst i have my USB e-License registered with Cubase Studio 5, this license does not appear in MySteinberg online account. Also, for some reasons, i couldn’t locate the old activation email from Steinberg. Just checking if there is a way for me to add the Cubase Studio 5 license to MySteinberg which qualifies my for the upgrade? Many thanks for this.

I cannot find a MySteinberg account on the email address used here on the forum, so I cannot check anything. However, if the eLicenser Control Center shows a Cubase Studio 5 license stored on the USB-eLicenser, you are qualified for the upgrade regardless of a MySteinberg registration.

Thank you Ed for looking into this. I changed my email address yesterday to test whether the MySteinberg could somehow recognise the older email (and hopefully recognise the old license - but no luck), hence that’s why you can’t locate my account. I have reverted to the same email as this forum’s.
The eLiencese Control Centre does show a Cubase Studio 5 licence - thanks for confirming i am qualified. When i purchase the new “upgrade” activation code, does the eLicense Control Centre automatically recognise it is going to be an upgrade pathway?

Side Note - I purchased Cubase Studio 5 in a box with the USB in 2010, i think what happened was I activated using the code in my old laptop through the old License Control Centre - don’t think there was any email from Steinberg and i don’t recall registering with MySteinberg (not sure it exists back then). I am on a new laptop now - when i plug in the USB e-License, the eLicense Control Centre shows a Cubase Studio 5 but in addition it says” All Applications -Steinberg, Non Movable, remaining time: 24 hour…”. Wondering if this is an issue? Also, I have clicked on the “Maintenance” button and it all went well. However, when I tried registering my USB-eLicense on MySteinberg, but it says “USB -eLicense number already registered by another user”. I don’t know if there’s a way or possible at all to de-register this from my old laptop or old License Control Centre (since I probably didn’t register with MySteinberg back then)? Apologies for all the questions and appreciate your help Ed. I am happy to PM you with my USB number. I have also keep the hard copy of the old activation code if you need proof.
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The system is not as advanced as you may think :wink: There is basically no connection between the shop for purchasing licences, MySteinberg and the eLicenser Control Center.
The only important part is that you actually have a license on a USB-eLicenser. In your case, it seems like you registered the USB-eLicenser to a different account. To find that account, please send me the USB-eLicenser number in a PM. We’ll take it from there then.

Many thanks Ed. I have PM you my USB elicense number.