Upgrading from Dorico 3.5 Pro to Dorico 4

I’m in the middle of a complex project of arranging a relatively mid-size / large orchestral piece for another ensemble. Should I wait to complete that before upgrading from 3.5 Pro to 4? How much learning of new interfaces should I allow before I’m as proficient in 4 as I am in 3.5 Pro? Apart from saving the work regularly, is there any other advice you’d give. What’s likely to go wrong and what should I avoid?

Dorico 4 mostly includes workflow improvements, and apart from the newly designed playmode and the new lower zone doesn’t include too many totally new features and interface objects.
overall, you will have a very similar, but probably better experience, especially with the jump bar (IMO).

But: Dorico 4 currently has some wrinkles that need to be fixed in the first maintenance update, and I generally try to avoid updating mid-project, especially with big version updates.

That being said: you can run both Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4 on the same computer, though not simultaneously, meaning even if you wouldn’t use it in this particular project, you could already upgrade, install, and try out some things.


Thanks klafkid - very clear and helpful