Upgrading from Dorico 3 to 3.5

Hi Doricons!

I attempted to purchase Dorico 3.5 at the ‘upgrade price’ from already owning Dorico 3 (due to getting the new m1 pro chip 14" Macbook Pro), however when I got through to the purchased page after submitting payment details, I was told to expect an email (I assume so they could verify that I do already have Dorico 3…?)

Can anyone tell me when I should expect further instructions or do I need to do something else? I am in fairly urgent need of notation software!!


I have temporarily downloaded the 3.5 trial until I hear from the Dorico team, but I’m experiencing another issue -

When opening an old project in 3.5 (originally created in Dorico 3), there are no sounds playing! I’ve tried adding new players and copying the notes over, but still no joy.

It does work when I copy the music over to a new project, but obviously that involves recreating the score (e.g. bars/time signature changes, formatting, etc.) It would be much easier if I could just make the original project work/sound.

Any tips?

Welcome to the forum Robin, thanks for posting about your issue here as well. (For anyone watching, Robin’s question began in the Facebook group here.)

If you can find a few minutes to read other threads here on the forum etc, you should be able to increase your forum level to the stage where you can attach files to your posts. Then you can share the problem project file itself here so someone can take a look.

Instead of copying music from one project to another (which involves loading all the sounds from each project each time you change focus, and doesn’t bring all the information unless you use the system track to make your selection) I suggest you try and use Import flow (write mode, File menu) on your new document (and you import the old flow in there, obviously). Hope it helps!

The first thing I try when playback doesn’t sound as I expect is to (re) apply the Playback Template in Play Mode.

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