Upgrading from Element 6 to 11 with only USB elicenser key left

I still have the USB elicenser key of the Cubase Element 6 I purchased some years ago. The computer on which the software was installed crashed.
Can I download the current Cubase Element 11 and upgrade from version 6 to 11 ?

Yes. Just buy the update in the store, insert the USB dongle, and open eLicenser Control Center (will install with Cubase).

You mean I have to pay Element 11 full amount upfront ?

You have a USB elicenser, or was it a software license?

Maybe you need to reactivate your software license.

I have a USB elicenser - (usb key)

I followed your link, Steve. But it says that in case of a USB eLicenser, reactivation is not necessary. You plug it and that’it.
Issue seems to be the software download…

@jaslan : the upgrade patches available from the store assume that you still have the legacy Element 6 installed, which is not my case anymore since my computer crashed .

@Thierry_Lizon no software needs to be installed except for the Elicenser Control Center for this purpose (upgrading a license). What is displayed in there when you plug in the dongle?

Looks like I have an issue here as well : when plugging in the dongle, Windows file browser does not show the usb key. And in the Windows Device Manager, the key appears with a warning sign. Internet search fails to retrieve an adhoc pilot.

More precisely, device manager says : driver not installed for this device (code 28)

More precisely, device manager says : driver not installed for this device (code 28)

So, have you installed the electronic License Control software? You need to do this before Windows will recognise the USB licenser.

Indeed, thanks Planarchist. Licence control software says my licence is valid for an illimited period of time for Cubase Element 7. But the software is not on my computer anymore since it crashed some time ago. What can I do ?

I found a steinberg webpage with a complete download of Element 7. With the usb key, it work ok ! Thanks to all of you.