Upgrading from Halion 5


I have a Halion 5 license and i haven’t used it from a long time ; i don’t know where is my e-licenser usb stick anymore.

If i buy a Halion 6 upgrade, will it still need the usb stick ?

Yes, you will.

But also know about Steinberg Zero Downtime

These usb elicensers are so annoying and to make it worse , it take a usb slot on the computer . Is there way to use steinberg vsts without this hassle ? I have licenses of Halion 5, Retrologue and other instruments I haven’t been using due to lost my usb elicenser :weary:

I’m not sure what your point is.

Did you visit the link in my post above?

Yes, the link says i need another e-licenser , i don’t have

Well, that’s how Steinberg offers to help people who lost their USB elicenser. Maybe you can find one cheap.

Understood, thank you for the info.

If i buy Halion 6 upgrade, will i still need a usb e-licenser ?


What about that soft e-licenser ?