upgrading from Halion sonic SE

i am UPSET that i can not load my own sample CD into the sampler, so i guess i need halion, how much is it to upgrade?

go to the store and look.

HSSE is not a sampler, but a “ROMpler”. I.e. it plays unalterable (hence ROM) samples.

Also, HSSE cannot be “upgraded” to HALion 4. HSSE comes as a built-in instrument with Cubase.

You would have to purchase HALion 4. Alternatively, you could use a free VST instrument sampler. There should be an ample pool of suggestions for such plugins on the forum.

Though, I must say that H4 is absolutely outstanding!

my understanding, I can upgrade SE to Sonic for 200$ then Sonic to Halion for another $100… I wish steinberg would offer a better option for people who are willing to jump right away to the full version, At 300 there are lots of OTHER competitive samplers to consider and look at… at something like 200$ its a No brainer…I guess i have to shop around for the best sampling option, i was spoiled with logic EXS built in sampler…

So, you get a $50 discount on Halion for buying Cubase and you are unhappy with that?

HSSE, HS and H4 are three separate plugins, each a full version. They all utilize HALion technology.

HSSE is a built-in Cubase plugin license. There are no upgrade paths for this license.

If you own a HS license, it can be upgraded to a HALion 4 license.

And yes, Steinberg does provide a better option for people who are willing to jump right away to HALion 4. Simply buy a HALion 4 license.

You meant better price option for H4, right? You’ll find a great sampler out there, no doubt.

I just like to point out that the feature set of H4, especially including VST3 support is hard to beat. Note Expression alone is something I couldn’t do without, providing such an improvement and convenience over CC lanes of Tracks.

I find myself using my other plugins (i.e. non-VST3) less and less, simply because NE gets me to end results faster and in a more sensible way. This is actually sad in a way, because I love so many other plugins, but I just cannot help myself getting pepped by the speed and flexibility of the NE support.

I use the Waldorf Largo a lot which is a fantastic synthesizer, the very capable u-he Zebra (a VST3 is coming, but may be a while), a number of AAS plugins and so on. I am just using HALion 4, Padshop Pro and Retrologue more and more. It’s not that they are “better or worse” synthesizers than the others, they just give me the capability of creating sounds that support NE data.

I am not trying to pitch the products, though they are very capable, but a great available technology that I think a lot of people (and vendors) aren’t using, simply because it’s different, a “new” way of looking at your composition. Whatever the reason, the VST3 technologies makes a whole lot of sense, they really do.

@JNCeciel, I am just saying there are lots of other options out there at the price point, so as a consumer i better do my homework before jumping in.
@Elektrobolt, I just switched to cubase after years of logic, so happy with the creative options, the sounds are top notch and good to go, i bought most of the little options that come with cubase, wish i got the absolute deal! i did not know about it. I am trying to keep my options LIMITED and minimalist, yet i more quality vs quantity, so far steinberg has really impressed me with there sounds and programming. very impressive!

It will depend on what you want to do as to which Rompler makes sense.

If things like using CDs with old AKAI sample sets on them (as an example) are important to you, then H4 may not be the best fit. Possibly Mach 5.

If you want a boat load of sample libraries to be available. Kontakt is hard to beat.

If you want to work with your own audio and mangle/build it with a rompler, H4 is hard to beat.

If you want to control your rompler with Note expression, H4 is the only answer. (this is also a huge ++++)

I have Kontakt and almost never use it now. A lot of sample library developers are moving to their own proprietary players. So the Kontakt library advantage is possibly dwindling. Although they tend to come out with their own content fairly regularly if libraries are important to you.

I have east west goliath with 30GB of sounds! not looking for more general midi/generic sounds, i also have Nexus with some expansions for electronica. my old sample CDs are the problem! lots of ethnic stuff that is not mainstream …I also like manipulating samples and good filters, NI kontakt never appealed to me, I used to own there whole set and got tired of authorization issues and bad support, so i sold it and found better options…
I just installed the SE halion for a test drive, I like the library option to sort through the sounds, BUT my other steinberg libraries disappeared “dark planet…” !!! not a good first impression, oh well!

What format are the old disks in? H4 has some basic import capabilities, and there are 3rd party translators to get them into a format H4 can handle. Seriously, H4 kicks ass if you want to mangle/build your own stuff.

OMG! you had me digg through my old CD albums! mostly AKAI, EXS and some Giga! I think there only 3-5 CDs that i will use! Is there a big difference in sound set between Halion and the SE addition. I am digging the library integration big time, i like to browse my sounds on the fly.

H4 will import un-protected
-Kontakt (thru version 4)

  • EMU (a bunch of types but not all)
  • Giga 1 and 2
  • Akai S1 - 6k
  • Some Kurzweil
  • SoundFont 2

However, in just about every case there is some manual twiddling to get them right. This is because the patches are set up completely differently.

If I remember right the H4 library is the same as HS, just expanded.