upgrading from HS2 to HS3

I am considering upgrading from HS2 to HS3, I noted a helpful response that suggested that HS3 can pick up elements of HS2 from projects that used HS2. Does anyone know if this includes automation? because I am in the middle of mixing several pieces that include HS2 and am worried that HS3 might not read the automation, and therefore force me to remix from the beginning (using 32 bit format).


Yes, it is true that HS3 will replace any occurence of HS2 in the older projects. The existing automation will not get lost but I’m not sure that the total backward compatibility is guaranteed. In the worst case, some parameters can be left unassigned or wrongly remapped. So, if you want to be completely safe I would suggest to wait for the trial version and test HS3 on your particular projects.

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