Upgrading From LE4 to C6 .

I just bit the bullet and ordered the C6 (top version) upgrade from LE4. I also ordered the dongle.
In anticipation of this, I had an LE4 disk I received with my Alesis interface laying around, so I installed it, activated and registered it.

My account shows “elicensed products = 1, Activations = 1 and Serial # = 0” I used the elicenser (software) program to activate and I assume it worked because it’s not nagging me anymore :smiley:.

My question is, when I receive my upgrade package and hardware dongle, what is the correct procedure for installing C6, activating and so forth?
I do NOT want to keep C4/Le around as I only installed it to be able to get the upgrade.

Any pointers to a FAQ or such?

I’d post this in the C6 forum, but I don’t have access.

Thank you for your time!


Steven: Congrats and I will be a C6 user next week also. Course
I won’t be able to eat for a 2 weeks. :laughing: :laughing: But you brought up an interesting
tid bit about Le4 vs. C6 forum’s that I didn’t know about . I’ll make another post.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yea, I’ll be drinking domestic beer for a couple of weeks to help offset the cost :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

So does anyone have any pointer to how to upgrade from LE4 to C6 ?

Can I remove Le4 prior to installing C6?

A pointer to a FAQ or How-To would help a great deal.

Doesn’t matter if you un-install or not, just move LE4 Prefs before installing C6. You can even put your LE4 license on the dongle, if desired.

Thank you very much for the reply.

So the way I understand it, the qualification for the upgrade to C6 (because I have Le4) is done when I add it to my online Steinberg account during the install of C6.

IOW it doesn’t check anything I have installed locally?

Yeah, don’t overthink it. Just follow the directions starting with the auth. code. Like I said, hide LE4 Prefs from the install by moving to the desktop without starting LE4 until after the C6 install.

The qualification for the upgrade to C6 is done, when you downloaded the C6 upgrade license to your USB Key. AFAIK, for the license download to work, you´ll first have to move the LE 4 soft-license to your USB Hardware key (simply by drag and drop).
The update license will check for existing licenses on your hardware key before updating the license.

I’m using an ancient version of the E-License software, (it was on the LE CD) so it doesn’t seem to let me drag anything from it?
Should I upgrade the E-License software before doing anything?

Do you have the USB key already, and if so, is it plugged into the computer…?

Not yet.
I ordered the key with the upgrade because it doesn’t come with one.

Sorry for all the questions but I appreciate the help.
I’m new to Steinberg but use iLok so I kinda know a little bit :slight_smile:

So yes, there is not yet any possibility to drag anything from anywhere to anywhere else. With as plugged USB key you should be able to drag and drop the LE license from the SeLicenser to the USB licenser.

Ok I get it!

Thank you for the quick reply!