Upgrading from Ver 5 to Ver 11

I have a few questions regarding an upgrade from (Pro) Ver 5 to Ver 11.

I plan on taking advantage of the current sale and moving up to Cubase 11. Not only is the price to good to pass up, the free upgrade to Cubase 12 pretty much clenches the deal.

Here’s my question…

I have a new computer build that I have not installed my version 5 onto yet. If I upgrade to ver 11 will I need to install ver 5 first and install 11 over 5 or can I just use the ver 11 download and install?

I’m currently using a dongle and it is my understanding is that it can be used to install ver 11 but once I upgrade to 12 I will need to follow a new licensing feature Steinberg is coming out with.

No need to install 5; you can just install 11.


You don’t have to install Cubase 5. Plug your USB-eLicenser. In the eLCC application click to Enter Activation Code and enter the upgrade code. You will get Cubase 11 license. Install Cubase 11 and you are ready to go.

If you want to use Cubase 12, yes, you have to go for the new Steinberg licensing system.