Upgrading from WE 8 to WE 9

I’m looking at WE 9 - WP 9 is more than I need, plus I already have a lot of UA and Slate mastering plugs. I used to use WaveLab years ago, and would like to use WE 9 for my final editing/mastering/CD burning. I downloaded the trial version 2 days ago and am familiarizing myself with it.

I notice that I can still buy WE 8 for $79 from Sam Ash. My question is, would I be able to upgrade to WE 9 for free using the Grace Period Update, or would there be a fee involved? Not trying to be a cheapskate, but if I can save $21 I’d prefer to go that route. :smiley:

I could use the $21 to go towards the price of a good tutorial, which would help to eliminate some of this: :open_mouth:

Yes, the activation date of the previous version is leading for Grace Period updates - so by activating the WE8 from Sam Ash you automatically get the WE9 license.

Perfect, thanks! I should probably uninstall WE 9 Trial… or would it be okay to leave it?

I just found out that Amazon has 13 copies of WE 8 left for $49.99. I checked to see if it was the educational version; nope, it’s the regular boxed version. Argh! My copy from Sam Ash arrives tomorrow, I’m going to return it unopened and order from Amazon. I’ll have to wait another week to install, oh well, I’ll play with the trial version until then.

BTW, they also have 8 copies of WaveLab 8.5 for $349.99. I’d be all over that if I needed the extra functionality.

The saga continues. Box arrived today, and guess what? EDUCATIONAL VERSION. So now I’ve been on the phone with Music123 to get yet another RA number. I had to send them pics to show that I didn’t order the educational version. At least I don’t have to pay for return shipping this time. Of course the kicker is, I’ll probably re-order from Sam Ash! I did send them an email tho, asking to verify that this is not the educational version.