Upgrading from XP, SL3 and MI-4

Well, the day has come when my XP laptop died. This also means, I think the end of my cubase SL3 / MI 4 setup, which I am very sorry about has it caters for my needs perfectly.

So now I have a windows 7 Laptop, maybe someone can offer me some advise on what to put with it:

Audio interface:
Mackie Onyx BlackJack
Focusrite 2i2
Zoom R16
Any other suggestions?

I would spend upto £300

Replacement for SL3? - SL3 offers me everything I need from a DAW and I’m gutted to have to upgrade… I see people talk about Reaper but I know cubase, I like it it but are new versions radically different in terms of work flow to SL3?

I am interested in the Zoom R16, because it comes with Cubase LE5 (although I am aware this is a cut down product, but how does it compare to SL3?) and I like the idea of not being tied to the Laptop to record. I think being able to move the files to PC easily and mix / supplement recording sounds great… but I suspect given that the unit offers so much at it’s price that the preamps could be naff…

For my needs I only need 2 in - although a midi interface could be useful as I have Yamaha xpress3 drums so can map midi sounds to it rather than record the (dated) factory sounds). Everything else I would overdub one instrument at a time in traditional fashion. I am not looking at recording multiple people. (again the zoom offers the chance to record more if needed.)

If anyone can help me come to some conclusions on the above I will be extremely gratefull… otherwise it might be a 2nd hand XP laptop that I buy :frowning: