Upgrading halion 7

If I upgrade to Halion 7 , does that include the full version of FMLAB?


Yes. :slight_smile:
I don’t think there are different versions of FM Lab. You can buy it separately if you don’t need the entire HALion 7 and only want to use it with HALion Sonic 7.


The FM Lab library includes slates of programs/presets with a special Macro Editor.

Here is an example of an FM Lab program running in Sonic 7. FM Lab Programs feature this macro editor. You also get initialized layers that include this ‘macro editor’ so you can build your own brand new programs and save them (including the editor). The catch is that if you intend to ‘share’ these FM Lab programs/presets, I believe target users will also need a Collections, Full H7, or an FM Lab key to use it.

FM Lab can be purchased as part of Collections for Sonic 7, and possibly on its own. The library does include a macro editor so you can make your own presets. I don’t think you can ‘share’ these presets with others unless they also have FM Lab.

Full H7 goes a little bit further in that it includes a new FM Zone. It can function without the locked ‘macro editor’. You’d also get more power and flexibility in how many of these ‘FM Synth Zones’ you might include in a program, how they are triggered/routed, etc, than you would in Sonic.

If you used the native FM Zone of H7 to make a preset (without the fancy FM Lab macro editor shown in the first Sonic 7 screen shot above), I believe you can prepare the program in a Sonic format that can be ‘shared’ with Sonic users who might not have FM Lab (provided you use unlocked stuff in your program, and include any needed files and such in your ‘packed’ vstsound library).

When rolling your own programs from scratch the fancy Macro editors are optional. Many HALion users don’t bother with them when making sounds for personal use (of more interest if you want it to work for ‘anyone’ in the Free Sonic Player and have a pretty and interesting GUI on the table).

If you wanted to roll sounds involving FM synthisis that run in free Sonic (for anyone that doesn’t have keys to FM Lab), you could either build your own Macro editor to go with it, or simply not have one (instead use the QC knobs and no frills MIDI Matrix stuff to modulate things that you intend users be able to modulate).

Of course, you can use FM Lab programs with the macro editor in H7 too.