Upgrading Interfaces: UR824 or MR816x?

Right now, I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, and while it’s served me quite well for a few years, it’s time to make an upgrade, while I’ve got the cash. I’ve heard great things about the MR816, but have seen that the UR824 has come out since the last time I checked on them, and it’s quite intriguing.

The thing that concerns me right now is, can the UR824 record low latency with 8+ tracks, through USB? I’d love to buy the UR, especially right now, while Steinberg is offering a $100 off coupon, and the fact that I’d get the channel strip DSP included with it, which I’d have to pay $300 more for, if I went with the MR series (which isn’t really worth it to me at that point). With the coupon, it’d come out cheaper than the MR816X, and I’d get more features; but if latency, stability, etc. are a concern when recording high track counts, it’s not really going to be usable for me.

FWIW, I’m using Windows 7 Pro x64, though I plan on dual booting OSX Lion soon. My current setup can record 12 tracks at once (haven’t tried more) - Expanded through ADAT with my Behringer ADA8000 - with fairly low latency.

Which would be the better choice?

you don’t need low latency if you’re recording audio. The UR will give you zero latency monitor mixes with the yamaha dsp at whatever latency you have set.

You only need low latency if you’re not using direct monitoring and/or playing VI’s


Good point, I forgot it has zero latency monitoring - However, most of my recording will be done playing along with virtual instruments (Superior Drummer & NI Massive, mainly). I usually track vocals with plugins on, which can cause a huge latency issue. But, I suppose if I got the UR, I could use the DSP effects during tracking, and apply my plugins in the DAW later (I assume you can send the dry signal to your DAW - without the DSP applied, while still being able to hear the DSP in the monitor mix?).

So, in other words, you’re saying the UR is the way to go?

Get the MR for sure.

Why the MR over the UR?

I see people having all kinds of driver issues with the UR on here which makes me kind of weary, but I’ve heard similar instances from the users of the MR.

Things can be different, according to the different system the audio interface is used with. I’ve yet to find any monitoring issue while tracking with my outdated Mac; and monitoring has always been done via software (because it’s easier to deal with - at least in Logic). Also, playing back a virtual orchestra (Sibelius with NI Kontakt 4) was fine, and I’ve been using it for months.

Others seem to be reporting different results, so I might be a lucky boy. At the same time, I’m having troubles with the drivers (at least, this is what I suspect), when the whole Mac has to be restarted for the UR to be recotnized again. So, while I can say that latency has not been an issue, and that audio quality is simply gorgeous, I will not ‘warmly’ recommend this interface until I find this issue ironed out.


Once I got them sorted out, I had no issues with the MR drivers and I regret selling it. I currently use the UR824 and the drivers are solid for me. However, the performance on the MR was noticeably better. I just ordered an RME UFX however and will be implementing that instead.