Upgrading MP3 encoder on cubase elements 7 disc version

Help required please. I have the Cubase elements 7 box/disc version without an eLicenser usb dongle. [disc version due to mobile broadband bandwidth limits.] I want to upgrade the mp3 encoder as my free quota is expired. The online shop gives a download option for the MP3 patch. Do I need an eLicenser dongle to do this? Also what is the download file size for this patch?
Thank you.

The mp3 encoder patch works with a soft license so no need for the usb dongle. Sorry but I dont remember the file size when i purchased it for my old CB LE4.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thank you Prock. What do you use now? Do you recommend it? I’m putting taster snippets of songs on my band’s website.

If you are sticking with the version of CB you have that requires the mp3 patch to get unlimited .mp3 mixdowns then, by all means, get this patch. It works good and the quality sounds fine (to my ears). The version of CB I now have has unlimited .mp3 mixdowns included so I no longer need the patch. Also, most of the newer versions of CB now include unlimited .mp3 mixdowns so the patch is only necessary for the CB versions listed on the MP3 Patch product page.

I pretty much mixdown all of my final projects as an .mp3. When I mixdown somthing that I am going to be importing into another CB project (or to a different DAW like Studio One) then I will mixdown as a .wav to preserve the audio quality.

Also, even though I can’t remember the exact .mp3 patch file size, don’t worry. As I do remember, it is a pretty small file.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thank you Prock. I’ll go with that then. :smiley: