upgrading not successful

Hello Daniel,

Sorry to bother you with upgrading problems but maybe you could direct me to the right department.

I did upgrade Dorico, the payment went through, and everything seams ok except that I never got yet the email they say they will be sending with the activation code.

Also in mySteinberg account does not appear the purchase of Dorico 2.

Let me know please if I could contact with the correct department.

Thank you Daniel.
Best regards

Hi Carlos,

If you purchase something through Steinberg online shop you should be redirected to a page showing you download links and your activation code as the last step of the check out process. I usually copy it from there and do the activation right away. This way you don’t need to wait for the confirmation email.

If you created an account with Asknet (Steinberg online shop) you could just login and see your recent purchases including download links and activation codes.

If it doesn’t work try to contact Asknet.

Thank you Mizohonza,

I did what you said but I run into problems with the authorisation process and had to reboot the Mac. But I did copy on to the clipboard the authorisation code and tried before doing that. I did not stored it because in the same web page where I did the purchase said that I will receive and email with the code and download link. So I did the download though I already have the 30 days trial. What is weird is that I don’t own Dorico 2 in mySteinberg Products, only Dorico 1.

I’ve sent you a PM with a temporary trial code that will allow you to get back up and running while you wait to hear back from AskNet.

Hello Daniel,

I have sent you a private message with the error I keep getting when I try the new 30 days trial authorisation code.

FYI: John B had sent me a temporary second trial code when I was having trouble authorizing my purchase. But I discovered the elicenser now does not permit a trial code to be entered when one was used in the past. This is per the website. Apparently a new policy.

this does make sense though. Otherwise I could just work on renewed trial versions all the time…

It depends on the specific trial license. As it happens, the 30-day Dorico Pro 2 trial activation code cannot be activated more than once on the same Soft-eLicenser.