Upgrading onto a new computer

Hi all,

I have Dorico Pro 2 on my old Mac laptop. I purchased the upgrade to Dorico Pro 3, which I have downloaded for use on my new (also Mac) laptop.

Currently I can see the Dorico Pro 2 license in eLC on the old laptop and on Steinberg’s registration site.

The new laptop recognizes my new activation code as referring to DP3, but I can’t get past the “Select License To Upgrade” dialog because (of course) the DP2 license is on the old laptop, not the new one.

I’ve looked and haven’t found any instructions for how to proceed in such circumstances, but am guessing they’re out there. Can you provide me such instructions, or a pointer?


Assuming you are using the “Soft”-eLicenser, you will most likely need to reactivate (through your MySteinberg account) Dorico 2 to the new computer first. The eLicenser Control Center should then be able to see an upgradable license.

Scab’s exactly right: first use the big red ‘Reactivate’ button on MySteinberg to get a new Dorico Pro 2 activation code and install that activation code in eLCC on your new computer. There’s no need to actually install Dorico 2 itself, though, just the activation code is required. Then you can use your Dorico 3 update code and it should allow you to activate.