Upgrading to 6.5 in three Macs

I run a small company with 3 Macs and I have bought a copy of Cubase 4, a copy of Cubase 5, and a copy of Cubase 6. Now I want to have all three machines running Cubase 6.5, each one with it USB key. Besides all 3 original installation discs, I found 2 USB keys only, apparently I lost the 3rd one, and logging into my My Steinberg account I can see the licenses for a Cubase 5 and a Cubase 6. I tried to find a way to upgrade from Cubase 5 to 6 (or 6.5) but could’t, I even downloaded the 6.5 trial and activated it but can’t seem to find where to buy the upgrade. What exactly do I need to buy to have all 3 Macs running Cubase 6.5 each with its own USB key?

Thanks A lot


The item at the top of Steinberg.net that says “Shop”.
or your local Steinberg distributor.

The appropritate upgrade in the shop (6 → 6.5, 5 → 6.5, 4 → 6.5).
However, it is reliant on the licenses on the USB keys.
Keep in mind that the upgrades from 4 and 5 are going to be boxed products.

You won’t be able to upgrade the license that was on that lost key.
So the question is:
What license was on that key?
Do you still have the license code paper for that license?

Thanks Shinta,

Answering your questions: The lost key had the license to cubase 4 on it, and I don’t have anything from it except the installation cd, nor I had registered the product back then.

I can find the upgrade from 6 to 6.5 at the “Shop” but can’t find the others upgrade anywhere…

Unfortunately, unless you find that USB key, that license is lost to you forever. You can’t even run the program without it.
You’d probably have to purchase a 6.5 full retail box (includes a new USB key).

If you can see the 6 to 6.5 upgrade as a separate product, then you may be in a country that Asknet (the sub-contractor that runs the Steinberg shop) can’t deliver physical products to.
If that’s the case, you’d probably have to contact your local Steinberg distributor.

Thanks a lot Shinta. :slight_smile: