Upgrading to Catalina?

Hi everybody,
I know this can appear an old subject but this is my question: I’m running Cubase 11.5 pro last upgrade on a MacMini late 2021 (see specs in the attachment) and as I’m going to change the hard disk with a larger one, and I want do a complete reinstall. I’m asking if there’s a real convenience for me to upgrade from Mojave to Catalina too…
Second question is: is there a way to quickly establish which plugins wouldn’t run no more?
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WAVES are the plugins to check if you use those. Most others are fine, there is no quick way to check you have to go to each plugin site and check it.

Catalina is fine.

Im running Monterey on Open Core Legacy Patcher here. No issues at all on a 2013 iMac

Hi Shanabit,
thank you for answering.
I only have a few Waves plugin, and three are super recent (CR8, Cosmos, LoFi Space) more L1 Ultramaximizer and TrueVerb so I don’t think they are a problem; I would lose Sibelius, instead, because I 'm still at 6.2 and I don’t want to pay a subscription and this would be more a problem to me.
My fundamental question, if it makes a sense, is: did you notice a real improvement moving to Catalina (less CPU charge, faster operations, etc.)?
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To be honest Ive not noticed any significant improvement. I think all the OSX versions are just point updates to me. If you don’t use all the Mac bells and whistles its just you opening up Cubase and doing your thing. EACH version of a Mac OS update or Cubase upgrade, guys rave about how much better the performance is etc, I just don’t see it.

All I see is APPLE wanting to brick your machine and make you buy a new one

Maybe look at Dorico for your notation needs? or Notion?

Now guys are saying C12 is better with Monterey blah blah, They fixed the way the ASIO GUARD displays its read out is what Im thinking.

IF you are good with Mojave aint no reason to update IMO.

HI @shanabit,
I basically agree with you…
I think I’ll stay with Mojave for now then I’ll see If I really need to upgrade; my new hard disk is quite two time faster than the older one and this is a big improvement itself…

I’m waiting for MuseScore 4, that should be available soon, as I don’t have particular needs, at the moment, as I write quite only for my pupils (K12) and I don’t want to spend money for another notation software for now.

Thank you again for answering,

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