Upgrading to Cubase 12 Artist from Artist 8.5

Hi all. My first time on here. Some time ago I purchased Cubase Artist 8.5 used it for a while but then got distracted with life and am just coming back to recording. I now want to upgrade to Cubase Artist 12 but I’m in the process of buying a new computer (ordered and on its way) can I but the upgrade and install it directly on my new computer without the need to go through the dongle and install the up date on my old computer? Or, Can I plug the dongle into my new computer and down load directly ? I understand that with 12 the dongle is being done away with but what’s the best way to go. I don’t think my old computer is up to the spec of the Cubase Artist 12 version.
Thanks in anticipation.

Steinberg doesn’t let you install on the dongle anymore. Instead it’s kept on record in what they call the activation manager. So you’ll just have to install the activation manager on whatever computer you choose to have it on. I believe they allow 3 computers to carry the license at once.

Hi. I did as you suggested but had all sorts of problems downloading Artist 12. I took the dongle out but it asked for it back to check the licence I presume. Then the licence would not update properly - I currently have a licence for my old 8.5 and (somehow) a license for Artist 11 which is “not upgradable” eventually I got a download of Artist 12 (don’t know how) but it is missing a lot of stuff. I’ve tried to contact Steinberg but frankly they’re next to useless so far. Thinking of changing platforms and asking for my money back. This software is not fit for purpose and not as described. Sorry for the rant but wasted virtually whole day yesterday and ended up with a faulty product.

You should go to the Steinberg download manager and make sure all the content is downloaded from artist 12. You may need to put your access code into the download manager for the upgrade.

No where does it say to do this! However I’m giving it a try. I’ll let you know how I get on.
Thank you for your advice.

Hurray! And yippee! This seems to have worked. I now have graphics and picture and lot and lots of things to play with.
My licences still says Artist 11 non-upgradable though. It seems I. Not the only one with that problem though.
Thank you for your advice. Most appreciated.

Hi, Yes, I’ve queried it but not had any response yet. My e-licence now says “11 non-upgradable”. This could obviously be an issue in later updates but I understand there are some problems with the elicencer hub at present.

Please read this:

Steve - thanks for posting that - good information