Upgrading to Cubase 6 from 4


I just ordered Cubase 6 upgrade for Cubase 4/5. I was wondering, can i remove Cubase 4 from osx and install Cubase 6 as new? or do I have to keep Cubase 4 installed on my mac :question:
Any info appreciated.

c. :smiley:

You can do anything you want … your C6 will be a full install.

I have still all versions (SX1/2/3 C4 and C6) installed on my PC.
In C6 under Plugin Information you can point to the folders in the other versions to get access to their VST/VSTis.

PS: it’s a good point to create a folder on the Root eg. (c:\DAW\Vstplugins) to install all 3rd party plugins, so you can later remove previous version without worry…