Upgrading to Cubase Artist 7 - usb elicenser in the box?

First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong place - as I can’t post in the Cubase 7 “Presales” forum as I don’t have a Cubase 7 license (catch22) :unamused:

I want to upgrade to Cubase Artist 7, by upgrading to Elements and then buying the boxed upgrade (UG1 - part no. 502012824).

My problem is that I don’t have a usb elicenser/dongle - only the soft-elicenseer. My local shop doesn’t think (or know) if there’s a usb elicenser in the box. But at least one online supplier says there is (eg junodownload.com ).

If anyone knows what’s in the box, please can you let me know asap?

Thanks, Peter

Okay, I’ve just had an email from Steinberg support who say there is a usb elicenser in the box :slight_smile: