Upgrading to Cubase Artist9.5 from AI 9.5


This is my first posy here :slight_smile:

Ive recently switched from reaper, to logic & studio one to cubase, Ive installed the new AI 9.5 that I got with my new hardware, Now I want to take this to Artist 9.5 and then save up for the additional upgrade to Pro 9.5.

I searched online and thought id bought the artist 9.5 upgrade, only to find out that Id unwittingly ordered a upgrade to v9… Now after reading a few posts online, I contacted the seller, and stopped the order from being delivered, as I had been informed this wouldn’t work, as you couldn’t upgrade AI 9.5 to Cubase Artist 9 and then to Artist 9.5…

but then I stumbled across another post stating that if a licence was purchased, and it was brand new, that hat you would end up with is the latest version, Ie 9.5 so in theory the boxed product Id bought should have worked fine… Note this older version doesn’t ship with an E-licencer so I added one of those to my order also.

As I’m still waiting for a refund, until the courier returns my package to the shop I ordered it from, I want to know whats my best course of action, should I order the new 9.5 upgrade (pay a little more) which seems to include an e-licencer in the box, or should I contact the shop and tell them , I will still have my original order…as It turns out it will work! ?

Which scenario below is true please

  1. the boxed AI to v9 upgrade to artist will work and will give me the latest version if I buy a new E-licencer as well
  2. I will need to order the latest upgrade from AI to artist 9.5 which includes an e-Licencer… (little bit more expensive… all in)

Any Help with this would be greatly appreciated…

Thanks Paul

You can only upgrade to the same or newer version. For example, if you have Cubase AI 9.5, you can only upgrade to Cubase Artist 9.5 or newer.

This boxed Cubase AI to Cubase Artist 9 upgrade isn’t going to work.

Hi Thanks for the reply, to be honest My order has still arrived today, even though it was cancelled oh well…

The thing is , when I say its version 9, I just mean it doesn’t say version 9.5 on the box, all it says is upgrade from Cubase AI to Artist, the only requirement is that you have AI version 6 or above?

Obviously this came out before 9.5, but I’ve been told that a new licence will always grant the user the latest version of that product, are you saying this is incorrect?

I don’t want to open this seal , if it aint going to work, but then I don’t want to return it if it is going to work… is there any way to find out for sure if this will work with my new AI 9.5 please?

I just want a concrete answer, as the internet seems to be awash with some that say it will work and some that say it won’t… ??confused??

Thanks Paul

This guy had trouble with what I assume is the same kind of boxed upgrade, not sure if it was due to user error:

If you want to try the code, make sure to install the latest eLicenser Control Center fist:

Thanks again

that sounds like he hasn’t moved the licence from his computer for AI, to his E-licencer , but I could be wrong…

I found a similar thread where by the guy at the end said he got it working…

hmmmm what to do :question:

*** UPDATE ***

Having got no joy what so ever from the retailer, I decided to give it a go, and Im glad I did because it was very easy and worked like a charm.

@Romantique, Im afraid you were wrong, you can upgrade from AI 9.5 to Artist 9. (as it will pass by version 9 and go straight to version 9.5 due to the grace period) Upon entering my download code, and then adding in the licence key into the E-licencer a notice pops up saying that this licence is for artistv9 but it will be upgraded to artist 9.5 automatically.

Steps to reproduce a simple install from AI to Artist are:-

Insert your USB E-Licencer, ensure you have the latest E licence Control Centre installed.
Open the E licence Control Centre
Drag your AI licence from your Soft Licenser account to your new USB E-licencer

Obtain your licence via Steinberg account by entering your Download code.

take the licence code you get and enter this into the redeem code section in the control center software and then choose your USB key as the recipient for your new licence, because you copied your AI licence here to begin with, this is the licence that will get updated to artist 9.5


As a side note, The version 9 artist upgrade does include a USB key, even though I was told it didn’t , and so I purchased one at the same time, giving me 2 USB keys!!

Ah well I suppose I can sell it on… or if anyone needs a shiny new one, PM me £18 inc UK postage

Thanks Paul

I see, so what happened in that other thread must have been user error, assuming that he also bought a boxed upgrade. If anyone else has trouble upgrading from Cubase LE/AI/Elements in the future, I’ll ask them to follow the steps you’ve provided. Thanks.