upgrading to cubase pro 9 question

Hi…the question is…I have cubase 7 and want to upgrade to cubase 9 on my Imac…do I need to uninstall the earlier version…or will the upgrade automatically delete it and upgrade? thank you


Cubase 7 and Cubase 9 are independent application. So Cubase 7 will stay on your system. You can delete it if you want to, or keep it.

the new question would be if I dont upgrade and get the complete program again wit new dongle…will my account allow me to put both in it?

You can have the license to both versions on the same dongle or different dongles if you choose to buy the complete Version 9 rather than an upgrade.

If it’s just the matter to get an full installer, this is not a problem.

Just to be clear. A single C9 license on your dongle lets you run both C9 and C7 (and 7.5, 8, 8.5, and heck even 6 & below) on whatever computer it is plugged into. The only reason you’d want to have 2 licenses is so they could be on separate dongles plugged into different computers.

…and run them simultaneously. Otherwise, you can take the dongle with you.

so I would have no problem getting a new installer for cubase 9?..and in my steinberg account there be 2 cubases listed?..my problem is the intenet speed and for the 18 gig to dowload for a upgrade I would have problem due to my provider…and i feel its best to always have the hard copy…also the new elicenser should over write the old one from cubase 7 correct? sorry guys for any confusion…jut feel its easier to load it as a new app from disk, new dongle and use the new activation code which would come with it then from a download link.

Well you’d be paying $330USD extra for something you don’t really need (full - $580 vs. upgrade - $250). Plus you’ll still need to download the two bug fix upgrades released since C9 came out. While they are smaller, the only way to get them is via download. Also when 9.5 comes out and then 10 you’re in the same place all over again - do you want to pay full price for each new version? Granted if you have a slow or unstable internet connection that is a problem. If it were me, I’d buy an external hard drive, find a friend with good internet (or even pay a repair shop) and use their connection to download the update(s) onto your portable drive. Even with the disk cost you’d still come out hundreds of dollars ahead.