Upgrading to Cubase Pro

Hi all,

Just wanted a quick bit of advice / reassurance.

I’ve finished recording an album using Cubase Artist. I would like to upgrade to Cubase Pro so that I can mix and master it as professionally as possible. Especially to use the pitch correction plug in Vari Audio and then making use of the pro metering plug ins.

However, I’m terrified of losing songs or files in process of upgrading. Does anyone know if this is likely to happen?



It is only a license upgrade, why should it…? :unamused:
It is likely to happen if your harddrive is broken, or if your project structure is not organized well enough and you delete files yourself, but not because you do a license upgrade. Apart from that, it must be the most simple thing in the world nowadays to backup data

The installation files and actual program is the exact same for Artist and Pro, only the license determines which version will start up. So all you have to do is upgrade your license, you don’t need to install anything new as Cubase Pro is already installed if you are using Artist version.

Awesome, thanks guys. Really appreciate it.