Upgrading to Elements 10

I have already purchased and installed Elements 10 on my iMac.

If I purchase an up grade can I use the the downloaded Elements 10 disk image to install it onto my MacBook Pro? Then use the purchased activation update code to create the soft license.

Downloading the Elements 10 file took 10 hours with all the stops and starts. So it would be good to use the file I already have.


I posted this question in the general section but it was removed for some reason or other.

You can install it but you won’t be able to activate it unless you deactivate the iMac first.
Unless you move the license to a USB dongle…

What I mean is to copy the Elements 10 disk image to the MacBook Pro then open the disk image and install. Then apply the secand upgrade activation code that I will purchase that is not the same code as for the iMac.
So there would be two paid for soft licenses.

Confused here…
What CB version would you be upgrading from? The only upgrades available for CB E 10 is to the Artist or Pro versions. Both would require a USB dongle and a full download of the software because it is different from the Elements version.

As Jaslan said, you can’t run a SeL version of Cubase on two computers unless you move the SeL to a USB dongle license. Then you can use your software on either computer that has the dongle connected.

If you want another CB E10 on a 2nd computer without a USB dongle you would have purchase a full 2nd license for it. If you are thinking you can upgrade one license of a lessor CB version to CB E10 more than once and install that 2nd upgraded license on a 2nd computer it won’t work either.

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I will try again.
I have a new MBPro I have purchased a full new copy of Cubase Elements 10 and I have installed it and it is licensed as a soft license and is up and running. Done.

I have an older MBPro that has Elements 9.5 installed as a soft license. I wish to purchase and upgrade to Elements 10 soft license.
I still have the downloaded full E10 disk image which I can copy to this older MBPro.
Having purchase an upgrade (E9.5 > E10) can I apply that code to Cubase 10 that I install using the already downloaded E10 disk image…

May be the disk image of an upgrade is different from the full copy. I believe the activation code are not connect to the downloaded disk image but to the elicensing software.
I just saves me having to download Cubase 10 Elements disk image all over again.

In no way am I trying to get something for nothing. I would end up with one full license and one upgrade license all paid for, both being soft licenses.

If this is not clear I am sorry. Just say so and I will simply go through the whole purchase/download precess again.

The program itself doesn’t actually get “upgraded”. You just get a fresh C10 program installer. In fact, C9.5 can remain installed also. The C10 license will run both.

Just to clear this question up.
I purchased the 9.5 Elements to Elements 10 upgrade.
I opened the previously downloaded Full Purchased Elements 10 downloaded file that was installed on another computer.
The program installed as expected. I opened Cubase Elements 10. It requested the activation code which I entered.
The program updated the License and Cubase 10 Elements opened.
So I saved 10 hours stress going through the download process by using the same disk image twice.
Very happy
Thank you for you helping