Upgrading to Elements from LE AI on another PC w/out eLicencer dongle

I got Cubase LE AI 9 bundled with my Zoom MultiFX and have it installed on my laptop.
I am upgrading to a desktop soon and am interested in purchasing the upgrade to Cubase Elements/Artist.
Once i purchase the upgrade online, what is the procedure if i want to activate the new upgraded version on the new PC? - keeping in mind the fact that i do not own an eLicencer dongle and my existing licence (for AI) is on my HDD.

  1. At what stage does the eLicencer/Steinberg cross check if i’m eligible for the upgrade (reduced) price.
  2. Will i be able to do this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and welcome,

First reactivate your Cubase LE license to the new computer. Then you can activate the upgrade. If you would upgrade to Cubase Elements, you can do it straight. If you would upgrade to Cubase Artist, which requires the USB-eLicenser, you need to transfer Cubase LE license to the USB-eLicenser, which is simple drag-and-drop task in the eLCC application.

  1. Yes! :slight_smile:

Hey! Thanks for the reply!!

New questions:

  1. How do i reactivate Cubase LE on the new computer without the USB-eLicencer?
    EDIT: Just noticed I can do this using the site itself :sweat_smile:

  2. Question 1) :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:
    Paraphrasing; how do i know if I’m eligible for the discounted price for the upgrade?
    Will the site allow me to make the purchase only once it approves that I’m eligible?

3)And if i am, then how does the process work: Will i receive a new Serial Key (for Elements) to enter into the eLCC (on the new PC)?

Also I’d like to apologise in advance for being so clueless :see_no_evil:

Thank you!


Not during the purchase process. You will buy the license. You will get an Activation Code (or a Download Access Code, which you will change to the Activation Code in your MySteinberg Account). You will open eLCC application, and enter the Activation Code. The eLicenser will check, if there is the needed license on this Soft-eLicenser. If yes, you will be able to download the license upgrade.

So there’s absolutely no way to be sure that I’m eligible without actually making a purchase?

It says “Cubase LE 9” in software under ‘Software’ in the ‘My products’ tab.
(and if it’s of relevance, “Cubase LE AI Elements 9” on the app launcher)


Right. Just trust yourself. :wink:

An important is, what license type is written in your eLCC application. Because this is the real license. Start eLCC, trigger Maintenance (to make sure the highest possible license is downloaded, for example in case of Grace Period). Check the license here. This is the one you will upgrade from.

Alright, I’ve done the eLCC update, but i’m not sure what you mean by "licence type".

It still says Cubase LE 9 under Licences though. (in eLCC)

and the site says - “Upgrade from Cubase LE (4 or higher), Cubase AI, Cubase Essential 4/5, Sequel 2/3”
So i guess i should be eligible :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!! <3


Yes, in this case you are eligible.