Upgrading to SPL 7 Element with an old eLicenser version

Hi! Because of this problem with Dorico explained here :

I had to downgrade to the previous version of the eLicenser witch is still running on my laptop PC. Now that the Dorico Pro problem is solved on my computer, I am worry if I try to upgrade from SPL Element 6 to SPL Element 7 I may have problems because of this old eLicenser version that is needed to run Dorico Pro (unless it won’t open).

Should I wait a few days or weeks until everything is fixed by Steinberg? I don’t want to run into problems when upgrading to that new SPL Element 7 version.


Hi Joss, eLicenser is the one embedded with SL7 installer. So you should be fine.

My install of Spectralyers 7 would NOT work unless I was using the most recent E-Licenser version

(eLicenser Control Center

It was failing at ‘validating package scripts’ on Mojave 10.15.6.

So I had to install the most recent version FIRST, then try the installer.

So many issues installing add-ons and libraries in the last year or two.

Did you by chance have eLicenser opened when installing SL7? That would be the reason for the install to fail.
SL7 does not require the latest eLicenser. It requires version minimum.

No - the program was closed during my previous installation attempts.

Doesn’t it make more sense that if the e-licenser package is part (embedded as you say) of the download/install of Steinberg products (which it seems to be, even to the detriment of older products that install majorly depreciated versions of e-licenser by force that break libraries) that the e-licenser should be installed first, then a second installation should run that installs the actual package?

There is no error, no explanation, no suggestions - just “FAILED”.

The whole process is far too esoteric.

The upcoming patch will display more explicit messages in case of failure during install.