Upgrading to Studio 5 no longer an option?

I’m running Cubase Studio 5 and would like to upgrade to Cubase 5, given the fact that Cubase 6 is now available and requires Windows 7 to run. It appears this is not an option anymore. I have no intention of dumping XP anytime soon and was willing to lay out some $ and enjoy the last version of Cubase for XP owners. Am I missing something or is Cubase 5 as an upgrade from Studio 5 no longer available?

Why not check some retailers, dealers? Some of them must have an update package left.

I bought my Cubase 5 update today from a dealer.

Get the retailer to date the transaction as last week and you’ll get a free Cubase 6 as well!

Why not check some retailers, dealers?

Not here in Toronto. I can purchase the program as a new product for example, but I am looking for an “upgrade” from Cubase Studio 5 at the much lower cost. Steinberg Canada doesn’t appear to sell the upgrade either. If anyone in Toronto or Canada for that matter, can lead me to an on-line purchase source for Canadian customers, it would be appreciated.

Found it at Saved By Technology / Toronto
They want to much for it IMO for what is now an outdated program…