Upgrading to v10 from 9.5 with SLOW connection?

my connection is very slow: 1.5mbits per sec. typically if can download 1 to 2 gig per nite IF i don’t loose connection. in the past Steinberg allowed use of my own download manager which allowed not only start, stop, pause but ALSO if there is a disruption it will pick up from where it left off when i restart the download. now some of the newer download apps make you start over if you LOOSE CONNECTION.

so does the Steinberg app allow start, stop, pause and MOST importantly for me, resume downloading from a disruption rather than having to start over?

You can pause the downloads, not sure what happens if you get a break in connection though.

If you’re in UK i’d happily send you the download files on USB Stick if you sent it back when done.

When you upgrade, the first download you are sent is a (relatively) small Steinberg Download Assistant, about 100MB. When you install this, the default option is to also install its own “aria” download manager, so from that point on you don’t need a browser or any other download manager. The Steinberg Download Assistant allows you to start, stop pause and resume the individual downloads.

I think they’re most concerned about if the internet drops causing the download to fail - does it then continue where it left off?

Yes. That is the whole point of the Steinberg Download Assistant. It works, I’ve used it. Just do itl

This great news!! As stated ,my biggest concern is loosing the Internet connection after many hours of downloading, then having to start over. Months ago I bought the Hallion 6 upgrade but then backed off downloading it as I was afraid of the Steinberg Download Assistants’ capability to recover from loss of Internet connection.