upgrading to windows 10 (maybe)

Hello all, After many happy years with Cubase 7.5 on windows 7…I’m considering moving to windows 10 (in light of the end of windows 7 support) In my wildest dreams, I install windows 10 and viola! all my programs, files, plugins are right there and ready to go…no? Any success stories and how-tos would be very much appreciated.
Thank you

Your programs will probably all be fine. Windows is pretty good about backwards compatibility.
Most important is drivers for your hardware. If you have any older devices, audio interfaces, midi controllers, etc, see if there are Win 10 drivers available. Some devices may still work with a Windows generic “class compliant” driver but better to know what may encounter problems. I think the majority are having very few issues.

Thanks so much. I’ll do a little sleuthing re: drivers.

As Jaslan noted finding drivers compatible with Windows 10 for old hardware is essential. Along with that, you need to also identify some updates of Windows 10 that potentially cause problems for Cubase. I’d heard of a few Windows 10 updates that hampered the working of Cubase in a negative way. So be careful of them and do not install them. I’d not be able to list them, but after a bit of Googling, you’d be able to find it and note them.

I pulled the trigger and upgraded my DAW pc from win7 to win10. I had a dual boot machine and my HDs were on the small side (180 gig). So I did the folowing:

  • bought two 1 TB drives
  • used Macrium Reflect to clone the 2 boot drives
  • swapped out the old HDs for the new ones
  • Then upgraded each to Win10.

This went well. ONly problem was that my BCD got a little bit messed up and I had to re-edit it to get a proper boot menu working.


Or you could just pay a marginal amount of money to Microsoft and they would provide you the security updates for the system. Also it is just a temporary accomodative measure by Microsoft to force the existing users to adopt Windows 10 and nothing else.