Upgrading to Windows 7 64-Bit with Cubase SL3

Hi All,

This has probably been asked in a dozen posts previously, however searching doesn’t seem too conclusive :confused:

I’ve just bought a new PC. Very shiny, very fast, but 64bit. I’d previously been running SL3 on my Vista laptop - going via SL1, SL2 u/g and finally SL3 u/g.

Is there anything to watch out for when re-installing Cubase on the new PC? Syncrosoft particularly - the website doesn’t exist any more? and I’ve seen thread after thread of “Dongle not working on 64bit” - so is there a definitive driver for this, that works with my (effectively) 32bit version of Cubase?

How do plugins behave? i.e. if I have 8Gb RAM available, will my sampler use 8GB of it, or only 4Gb of it because SL3 wasn’t built with 64bit in mind? I don’t see any reason to u/g to Cubase 6 just yet, but this might be the kicker - any help would be much appreciated.



Well - the install seems okay, apart from every update package re-installing the old syncrosoft driver.

Everything seems to run (although some plugins are now totally incompatible) - slim slow slider c3 compressor anyone?

My only gripe now is CPU spiking. I’ve gone from a 5 year old laptop (Core 2, 2.0Ghz) to a brand new desktop (i5, 3.3Ghz) and the performance was better on the laptop!! I’ve had to disable the “Use Multi-threaded” option in Cubase just to get it to play back for more than 10s without CPU spiking and stuttering…

I know SL3 is officially unsupported, but there shouldn’t be this much of a difference should there?

Any info would be much appreciated.