I hope someone from Steinberg reads these forums, otherwise this message is probably a bit of a waste.

Every now and then when I start Cubase (I have LE Version 8…came with my UR22 MkII), I get a popup telling me of a special upgrade offer for $49.99, but when I click the Upgrade Now or Find Out More links, nothing happens…no browsers open…nothing.

I’d probably be more likely to upgrade for that price if those links actually took me to an Upgrade Now page…(hint, hint to any official Steinberg readers!)


What OS do you use (Win/Mac; version)? What is your default Internet Browser, please?

Hi, I’m using WIndows 10 64 bit. Chrome for default browser. I’ll try changing it to IE or FirePox and see if that helps.

I set my default browser to Internet Explorer and the buttons worked.


Probably some FireWall issue or something like this (what I don’t understand). I’m glad it works.