Upgrage from Cubase 5.5 to Cubase 6

Hi Guys,

When can we expect the upgrade to cubase 6?
How much it would cost?
will the upgrade be available as a download?

149.99 usd

Just go on Steinberg.net side and go to shop section.
The price is very “tasty” $149.99!
I think it’s available as a boxed product.

Does anybody know if they send out tracking numbers when they ship?

Yeah, they are here in Europe any way. Said it in the confirmation email when you purchase :wink:

Thank you guys so much… but i few more another questions…

  1. As I’m from India will it be possible for me to buy Cubase 6 upgrade online cos I’m not able to find it on Steinberg online shop…
    • moreover the support provided for me are “Pace Communications (India) Pvt Ltd.” from whom i don’t get the right information regarding Cubase or any other Steinberg product.
  • So will it be possible for me to change the Support provided by Steinberg?

I am in the same situation,
I have cubase 5 and I want to upgrade to cubase 6,
I’m in Monterrey, Mexico, the only distributor in my country is in an other city and they do not answer any email,
Where can I buy it online?

what if I download and install the trial? can I activate it latter?

Hi suhasraj,
i had recently put in a thread for the same reason…
i have mailed them asking for 5 upgrade boxes from C5 to C6… but unfortunately i have got no response from them yet.
Please SB nget a better dealer for india … or start up an online shop for countries like INDIA and MEXICO .
The dealer here is sloppy and incompetent.