Uplifting pop song


here is uplifting and optimistic pop song, that I arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered for vocalist Branka Bozic. Check it out. :wink:

Two words… You Good… :laughing:

The mix is so flippin cool!! The piano, is that a live recording or sample? Sounds beautiful!! Hats off to you :wink:

Cheers, chris

Very positive message and beautiful tune.

Pleasent song and sounds totally fine !! :mrgreen:

Great production! The warmth of the production overcomes the sappiness of the lyric. Also, I think she needs to come up some, and could use a bit more presence. I fully realize that the modern female vocal has become incredibly “sizzly” on the top end, even to the point of being unnatural sounding, but she comes across a bit dull compared to the rest of the arrangement

Again, good work :sunglasses:

nice job on the mix! Unfortunately, the song doesn’t move me. This chord pattern has been done too many times and is too predictable.