'Upload Crash Report to Steinberg'

When Cubase crashes, and you get the ‘Cubase crashed last time you used it’ thing. As well as the ‘View crash report’ button have a ‘Upload Crash Report to Steinberg’ button.
So if Steinberg received a crash log from a user, it would pretty much get ignored. But if they received 5 crash logs from the same user within a short amount of time, it would get flagged as priority and they would then receive an email from support explaining what is causing the problem.

I think you have an overly optimistic view of Steinberg support :slight_smile:

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It would actually take a lot of work out of it for them. That is why I posted it, in the case that they would agree.

if you are having regular crashing you would be far better posting your issue here (including the .dmp file) - users here are happy to help

(maybe ‘happy’ is too strong a word)

Yeah, it’s easier to just leave things the way they are. ‘Users’ really enjoy reading other peoples crash dumps. I know I do.

I’m not telling you what to do - or telling you what you want.

If you want to send you crash dumps direct to Steinberg it has no impact on my life whatsoever…it was supposed to be friendly advice. I can tell you for sure that they do not investigate them in the manner you are imaging.

User support forums work because, in general people are pleasant and want to help. Sometimes that means looking through crash dumps. You are not being forced to do it yourself


It came across a little defeatist. The idea was to streamline the whole process thus freeing up Martin’s time to respond to other issues. Win win.

if it was defeatist then that is because of personal experience over decades (!) of using Steinberg products…I like to think it was realist.

You are way more likely to get meaningful support on this forum than via formal support channels.

This idea is still win win.

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