Upload Cubase 12 - unable to find a valid license

After a day of testing without success, I loaded Cubase Artist 12 and Cubase Pro 12 Trial by manually launching the SteinbergActivationManager.exe file present in the Directory Program> Steinberg> Activation Manager and followed the instructions, and everything was solved. Then I turned off the PC.
The next day, when I turned my PC back on, I was no longer able to launch Cubase 12 and appeared the warning “unable to find a valid license: the program will be closed”. After wasting a day in testing I did the “System Restore” to the previous day (Windows 10) and I waited two hours before trying to launch Cubase 12 again: marvel everything works! We hope that the situation is now stable! :grinning:


If you would get to the same state, open Steinberg Activation Manager and have a look to the Activate button state. Is it red or grey? Is it activated?

it was as active as it is now

Ciao :grinning: