Uploaded a vid to YouTube

http://t.co/2puIrir me talking about the new album.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Excellent :sunglasses: Some great animation in there too Mark. Well done :sunglasses:


Outstanding. This is a lesson for me. I’m going to go to school on this. Thanks for doing this and sharing it! :sunglasses:

I TRIED to get a quick look at your video before going to sleep at 4:30 am but could not get a ‘quick’ look…



Question or 2 if you dont mind.
Was VUE used for your 3d landscape and water?
Was the goodyear boob blimp a PD model?

Nice music. Very hard to stop watching when you get to see someone at their craft - not just talking but actually letting us see behind the scenes !

Very well done, Mark, 'ended up watching the whole thing too, thanks!



P.S. you sound a lot like our dear friend Bas, speaking voice wise :wink: .

Glad you liked it.

I used Carrara Pro (Version 6) for the 3D world building. The landscapes themselves make an appearance in the CD booklet, and I decided to animates a few of them as well.

The airship was a model that was bundled with Carrara.

I must look into Vue, I’ve heard a few good things about it.

:sunglasses: Nice!

An inspiration to us all…

cheers :mrgreen: