uploading jpeg in Dorico 2.2??

Hi all,
running windows 10
Not sure if anyone can help, but I am writing a warm up / reading workbook and have many evaluation and other forms that I would like to upload to the workbook. Although I can upload a pic from my camera. can’t up load my rubrics even if I format the to jpeg or pnf. I did try to recreate an evaluation form from window draw and paint as it’s naturally a jpeg file. When I tried that the photo was quite unclear…

thoughts? other users have leads? or the dorico team?

Not sure I understand completely, but it sounds like the documents should be scanned for good quality. If you don’t have a scanner, go to an instant print shop. You can always redo text pages in a program like Word and save as PDF for the best quality.

ok, what you suggested is what I did, but no luck!

I think if you can get hold of the original digital versions of the forms e.g. in PDF format and save them as SVG from a graphics program like Inkscape, Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator, you’ll get a much higher quality result.

ok, I will try your suggestions. thank you.