Upmixing Stereo project to LCR/LRC or 5.1

So I am finding myself again with a special request from a client who needs his audio delivered in either 6 Audio channels or minimum 3 channels (3.0, Left, Center, Right)
Since the project was created in 2.0 stereo, I wonder how I can easily upmix it to 3.0

I know there is a plugin called “Mixconvert” and it can take any source and upmix/downmix it easily. But I am kinda stuck here.

  1. Create new Output (LRC)
  2. Add “Mixconvert” to the LRC inserts
  3. and now what?

I tried re-routing my SFX and Music group channels to it but it just tells me that the source is LCR and I only see 2 stereo channels being fed. Isn’t the mixconvert plugin supposed to upmix it and feed all three channels? I am a little confused right now.

Thanks for any help!

Allright, thanks guys, I figured it out myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create new Output (LRC)
  2. Add Plugin “VST Multipanner” to the first insert
  3. Add Plugin "Mixconvert” to the LRC inserts (but it is not necessarily required)
  4. Change Center level by adjusting the “Center / Front” knobs under the “Distribution/Divergence” section in the VST Multipanner interface

Make sure you select the right outputs when exporting and everything should be working!