Upon exiting 'Note Input' mode, stay active (orange) on last entered note or measure?

I thought I could do this, (or had once stumbled upon it)…

Is there a way to exit ‘Note entry’ mode and have the ‘stay active’ mode stay engaged (in orange glow) on the last entered note or the current measure?

That would very nice! Otherwise, one always has to press the ‘esc’ key on the computer keyboard, and you lose ‘stay active’ mode (orange glow).

When using hot-keys assigned to something like StreamDeck, this would be very handy because you don’t have to move your hand back to the computer keyboard and one could quickly start entering articulations, etc.

Is this possible in Dorico, (or StreamDeck)?

Thanks all.

Note: ahh!..I see that ‘active mode’ is only active for note entry when you are in ‘Specify rhythm dot, etc.’ BEFORE note.

If you’re in AFTER note mode, then it’s not in active mode until you click on a note again.

The problem is that if you’re using pitch-before-duration input, the note you just input won’t be selected, to avoid the problem that you want to e.g. transpose the shadow note for the next pitch but end up transposing the last note you input. So, no, there’s no way around this.

Daniel, thanks for the explanation…most logical!
I’m now actually more adept at using both modes of ‘pitch-before-duration’ (ie: enter Articulations, Dots, etc. in AFTER or BEFORE mode).
So, it’s all working very smoothly and quickly for me now that I am used to the logical thinking of how tied-notes are thought about and how they can be extended in order to create a ‘dotted note’.
It’s like second nature now.
I’m discovering that you guys have pretty much covered any foreseeable problems without resorting to using a bunch of plug-ins, which is making life smooth and composing more seamless by not having to remember hundreds of plug-in locations or their names.
Thanks for answering!