Upon installing 11.0.41 - Preferences, Presets wiped off

I just updated to the latest version because 11.0.40 was acting strange and making things crash. So I updated to .41 and it has introduced some strange things. Sometimes mouse clicks are doubled on muting tracks or selecting events. All of my preferences are wiped out. All of my Audio Connections presets are wiped off. Ugh.

I’ve updated as soon as it came out, 0 issues here.

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No such behaviour here either.

Please edit your titleand rephrase.
It is not because you have a problem that everybody else has a problem.


You’re right. Let’s let people find out on their own whether or not they’ll be spending their weekend rebuilding all of their tweaks that took up a lot of thought and time.

Works well. No problems…

My install went fine.

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Same here just installed and all prefs good

I can no longer see SampleTank IV UI.

Chinese files offline prosessed faild bug fixing!!please!!!Hey!Please!!

Did it really wipe them or just not bring them over? I’ve been in the past obsessive about backing up the prefs folder, but have not had to use a backup in a long time. If the prefs from the previous version are still there, you can probably just copy them over and be fine. Seems like I had to do that coming off V10 to V11 - only because I have a V11 prefs folder that I named “clean” and vaguely remember having to manually copy V10 prefs into it V11. Anyway, if you do that, back up your “clean” V11 prefs first just in case.

For this update, everything worked fine for me.

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Thanks Bullmoon! I will keep this in mind for future updates. Overall, I tend to have pretty smooth updates. This was the first time I had something silly, yet monumental like this happen. I’ve read about it happening to others on here, but never went through it. Lol.