Upper and lower zone tools...

Is there a way to stop cubase selecting different tools for the upper and lower window?
I just want ONE tool set as I only have ONE mouse and ONE mouse cursor.
Im jumping between windows, editing and zooming in/out etc. everytime i select either window I seem to have selected some random tool unintentionally which sometimes makes me draw midi notes where I don’t want midi notes. Time Warp seems to get selected a lot of the time too.
It’s a bit useless that cubase as a single program can’t detect which area/window I want to work in without me activating that window. This is whats causing the issue I think?

The tools are different, so there’s not one tool set you can use globally. Each zone remembers the last tool used, and the time warp tool is activated as the result of certain operations. Observe what’s going on and set up your key commands or right-click menu setting to accommodate your workflow, would be the thing to do.

To simplify what i’m talking about it all boils down this…

Pressing the number keys changes the tool your selecting - fine
When hovering over the lower zone area the tool changes to whatever has been selected previously - ok
Pressing the numbers to select the tools while hovering over the lower zone area only changes the up area tools and vice versa.
It’s the requirement to actively click/enable focus on a specific zone (lower or upper) before the tools are allowed to be changed thats baking my noodle.

Surely I can’t be the only one, i’m not that special…

I’m very happy with Cubase 10 but this bugs me as well.
It would be great if the cursor would change to tool if you move to a different zone, now it’s a bit too confusing. Not a showstopper at all but annoying nonetheless…