Upper case minor problem

I’d like to use the engraving option for an upper case minor in chord symbols.

In the example given in the engraving options, the “MI” is in a smaller font size than the root note, which is as it should be.

But in my score, both root note and “MI” appear as the same size. Not sure if I’ve caused this problem somehow, but it occurs even in a new blank score based on one of the default templates.
Minor problem.png

Have you checked your the size of your font styles in Engrave menu?

EDIT: Never mind, that’s not it. There seems to be no way to differentiate the font size of the chord root (F) from that of its quality (MI).

In fact, it’s showing the same thing for me (although I don’t use MI for minor). And it does it for both Minon Pro (my default) and Academico.

Try setting ‘Vertical posiiton of major and minor qualities’ to ‘Subscript’ under Quality on the Chord Symbols page of Engraving Options. I guess it’s currently set to ‘Baseline’.