Upper limit on time stretch?

Hello Guys,

when using the arrow tool (pressing 1 until it shows an Arrow with a clock i.e. timestretch tool) I can stretch midi and audio in the sequencer. However, I want to do an extreme stretch with all the artifacts it will introduce to the audio. This doesnt work. After stretching to about 4 times the original length, it keeps snapping back.

To reproduce this, try stretching your audio clip as far as you can to see it pop back into around 4x original length.

What can I do to bypass this? I am totally okay with the sound being totally mangled :slight_smile:

According to the manual the Elastic algorithms will stretch up to 10x.

But for Pitch change the limit is 4, so possibly if you try to use Elastic tape or pitch algo it will limit it to the 4x you are snapping back to.

You could stretch it twice if 4 or 10x isn’t enough for you.

There used to be a thing called PaulStretch, which specialised in stupidly long timestretches. The clunkiest gui I ever saw but it worked. Hang on, I’ll go look for a link…

Yep, still there: http://hypermammut.sourceforge.net/paulstretch/

Just a bit of warning:

I thought I would have a look at the software.

My security software (ESET Smart Security) started the “Alarm”, when I went to the download page, it sad the IP-adress was blocked as officially registered as containing harmful/dangerous content. So, just a warning for anyone wanting to download and not using antivirus software, there might eventually be something not so great to catch at the download page…

At least I did choose not to download anything.

Do you think this may be a false positive? I only ask because there doesn’t seem to be anything like this in search results. Plenty of chat but nothing suggesting any warnings…

I do not have a clue. The IP-adress obviously have been officially registered as containing harmful content, at least in the ESET database. How and when I do not know. But as I see it there is seldom any smoke without fire.
As far as harmful code is concerned I always go the maximum security road. If there is a warning I would never download anything. My computers are my work tools and therefore too important for experimenting with anything that contain even a minimal risk of being malicious. But that is me.