Uppercase and medieval numerals


I’m wondering, if there is a possibility to switch between uppercase and medieval numerals.
In my case I am using a typeface with a broad range of glyphs and Dorico only uses the medieval numerals which looks imho disappointing e.g in rehearsal marks:

(I didn’t find any possibility to center the letters by adjusting the spacings of the frame – up, down, left, right.)
Is there any possibility to change to uppercase numerals?

Thanks in advance!

Do you mean ‘lining’ and ‘non-lining’ figures?

Dorico does not provide any means to choose one or the other, so it will use whatever the default is in your font.

Ok, thank you, benwiggy! :slight_smile:
I am sorry, I am not skilled in using english typography terms, my mother tongue is German. So I don’t know what you mean with lining and non-lining figures. I am talking about this: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a5/Versalziffern-Mediaevalziffern.svg

But I think I understand: if the font has medievals by default and not uppercases, I have to change the font, if I want to use the uppercases for rehearsal marks. And: there is no possibility to use both, medieval and uppercase numerals of the same font within one project … right?

Yes, that’s the term: either they all line up, or they don’t line up.

Dorico doesn’t have any controls for advanced OpenType features, like choosing different numerals, or small caps, etc. You’ll have to choose a different font for now.