uppgrad to artist

What are the features one gets if one upgrades from elements to artist? A link is fine, especially if it is complete.

Here you go…


Be sure to scroll down the page and you’ll find the chart.

Thanks for the link, exactly what I was looking for. The PDF near the bottom makes it all very clear as far as upgrade changes.
Some questions/comments

  1. Under instruments FX it mentions a virtual guitar tone suite. This is in Elements also. I don’t know what this is. How is it accessed Elements?
  2. Groove Agent SE 4. This is mentioned for all three. When I look at videos on GA SE 4, the versions in the videos seem more advanced and to have more options then the version I have in Elements. Is the one in Artist more advanced?
  3. What is state-of-the-art transient detection?
  4. Ditto: zplane Elastique v3 algorithms for high-quality time-stretching

It´s the VST amprack, and it is acceseed in Elements the same way any FX is accessed in any version

I think they should be the same options with just less sounds / presets. in Elements Sure you´re not referring to Groove Agent 4 ?

just what it says, though state of the art might be subjective

Ditto → an algortihm for high quality audio time streching.