Upping my editing speed...

Say I have made an edit at a retake but as I play onward I find another retake over the same material. I want to select a section from the new ‘in point’
backwards to the previous edit - is there a keyboard short cut sequence that saves me dragging the mouse back up stream in the wave file?

Ta like, ABB

Shift + mouse click.

Thanks PG - I might not have explained myself well enough.

Say at one minute in I make an edit - WL marks the point of the edit call it A, I then play on and realise my original edit is not the right edit point and I now want to remove material from the original edit point A to the new edit point B at let’s say two minutes in.

Shift + click will work (I think!) if my original play origin is at A and I haven’t stopped playback since then. Because stopping playback will reset the ‘origin’ to some new point between A and B.

I would like to park the play cursor at B, having chosen it as my new edit point, and then have a keyboard short cut that selects backwards to A.

Mind you ‘you can’t always get what you want!’

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Not sure I understand yet :blush:
However, consider the “Lead Sequence” feature, slightly described at the end of this topic:

Also, WaveLab 10 create Edit Marks, that can be used as anchors / references:

Thanks PG,

What I want is a keyboard short cut to seek backwards from the play cursor position to the previous edit mark.

And what I really really want is to seek back to the previous edit mark selecting the range from my play cursor backwards to the edit mark.

Sorry not to be clear!

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Sounds like something I’d use… is it already in there…? Do I have to read the manual…?

And anyway, if it isn’t possible, it’d make a great Feature Request :slight_smile:

edit mark

We have edit ranges, enclosed by 2 edit marks. Do you mean the start or end edit mark, of the edited range?

Thanks Philippe,

I mean the ‘mark’ created automatically by WL at the point of a previously executed edit.

I probably should have used ‘indicators’ … from the manual

Cutoff audio
These edit indicators show that audio has been cut off. The audio to the left and to the right of the edit indicators belongs to the same audio file. You can use the Recover function when you select the audio range around the edit indicators.

So I want a shortcut that seeks (and selects) back from the cursor position to the previous Cutoff Audio Indicator.



You want to select this, right?..

Thanks Philippe,

Yes exactly that, thanks for your patience.

ta like, ABB