ur 12 and mult effects pedal

I just bought the UR 12 and wanting to connect my guitar and the digitech RP 360 multi-effects pedal. I want to be able to use the effects that I have stored on the pedal and not those on Cubase AI. How would I connect my guitar and pedal to the UR 12?

Plug an instrument cable into the output on the last pedal on your effects chain (I’m guessing the RP360) and plug the other end into the 2nd input on the UR12 (the one labeled Hi-Z). Make sure you have the corresponding gain knob turned up. Make sure that on the input for Cubase you’re using the one labeled as UR Input 2. Because this method sends a fair bit of info into the interface, I’d turn the buffer up a little bit on the asio driver and use the direct monitoring to overcome the latency when recording.