UR-12 Audio Interface Setup Issues

I recently bought the Steinberg UR-12. I downloaded the drivers necessary and hooked it up with a usb to my computer. I connected my guitar to the audio interface and started playing, except I ran into various unpleasant issues. Firstly, when I try to listen to the guitar through the computer, I can hear it hardly on one side only, accompanied by very high latency. In addition, after setting up cubase AI 9.5 on my computer, while trying to record my guitar even though the channel bars suggested that the channel is in fact picking up my guitar, no recording was made as if my guitar wasn’t even connected to the computer. I’ll be glad if someone who ran into those issues as well could assist me or just anyone who already set up his ur-12.

Follow up: At the moment cubase won’t even pick up my audio interface as if it doesn’t even exist.

Start by selecting the correct driver…
Setup is explained in the manual. Which step does not work for you?